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The Spin Lizard is meticulous: careful, precise, consistent, and accurate.

When the Spin Lizard proofreads or edits your document, you can expect exceptional attention to detail. We ensure that your grammar is perfect, that styles are followed consistently, that no errors, regardless of how small, escape detection and correction. Our primary goal is to ensure that your words express what you want to say in a professional, accurate manner. While we fix all the errors, we may offer suggestions about how to clarify your thoughts.

The Spin Lizard can also do the writing for you. If you cringe at the thought of writing a report, a letter, or any work, school, or personal document, we can help. You provide the information and the specifications; we will do the writing for you.

The Spin Lizard provides any service you need to produce a quality document or website. We'll check your facts, do necessary research, design and format documents and web pages, and create website content that will entice site visitors and keep them coming back.

Is there a difference between line editing and copyediting?

The answer is yes. A line editor focuses on how language is used to create clear, fluid prose that conveys the author's meaning and emotion. A copyeditor addresses flaws in a document on a technical level. The Spin Lizard has published both fiction and non-fiction books and, therefore, is in an ideal position to do both line editing and copyediting.

Proofreading and Copyediting

Line Editing